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Hello everyone PS use my Chinese address!!!!!donn't use english address.China POST will return PC.. MY CHINESE ADDRESS IS 618000 四川省德阳市旌阳区西湖街269号中天新村 王智浩 P.R.CHINA PS If you can write the Chinese address please do it.If you have a printer please print the Chinese &English address.because somepcer told me the address was wrong,but my English address is right.China Post Guangzhou Exchange Bureau mistaked.So If you sent PC for me,but it was expired please send a msg for me I will register it.thanks again. 如果可以的话请写中文地址,因为之前有Pcer说寄给我的片被退回,因为地址不详,但是我的英文地址是对的,目前国际函件大部分经广东互换局进口,因为他们的失误,有一部分信件被因地址欠详而退回,已有人就此事投诉,但为了片能顺利寄到,烦请大家写上中文。谢谢大家。 如果可以,請寫上我的中文地址,因為之前有收到郵件說寄給我的明信片被退回,原因是地址不詳,但是我的地址是正確的,目前國際函件經廣東互換局進口,因為他們的操作失誤,有一部分信件被因地址欠詳而退回,已有中國大陸的Pcer就此事件投訴,為了確保安全寄達請大家寫上中文地址。謝謝大家。 I come from Sichuan,P.R.China, I like to receive postcards from around the world, I like: The handmade postcard, Cartoon:such as SpongeBob.Disney. Flowers, Birds, Dogs and Cats, Cook,and any Cards You can use any cards,if you send me a free card or AD card I like too. I also like collect stamps if you can use envelope and affixed stamps I like so much ,Thanks so much. I hope we can happily in postcrossing. Greetings from China. Frank Wang


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