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Female , 30 years old
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Hello, I am Alexandra, living in London, England. The weather here is awful - that's why I'd like to get lovely cards from really nice and warm places to warm my heart up a little. :-) I don't mind if it's the Bahamas, Hawaii, Bali, Cuba or the Philippines, as long as it looks like paradise it will be perfect! I've been to Spain and Turkey, they are beautiful countries but my biggest dream is to be anywhere in paradise once in my life. I like to collect nice keyrings and fridge magnets from holidays. :-) I love to browse pictures of tropical places, especially stunning seasides. But I also love cats and kittens, also dolpins and other cute animals. When I'm on holiday I try to find like a nice street picture with kittens on it and the place's name of course. Also I like the arab style architecture topic - like Morocco. Thank you in advance for sending me a card! :-)

United Kingdom

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March 1th, 2018

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