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Hello World~ I am a real estate broker/business owner - My company sells farmland manages farms, sells crop insurance and does appraisals. I live in a small farming community about an hour west of Chicago, called Big Rock. I have 2 boys, Dakota & Jackson ages 21 and 18. I also have 2 step children, Gianina & Stason, ages 28 and 26. Dakota is a senior at the University of Iowa studying Business/Public Health Administration and Jackson is a freshman in college studying agriculture. Jackson has played hockey since he was 3 - it's strange now that he's in college that he's not playing anymore - someday I hope he will play again! Stason got my boys into hockey when they were little and having watched all 3 boys play hockey over the years in club, high school and in college. It's become my favorite sport and passion to watch. My parents live in Wyoming in the mountains. One of my favorite places to visit, although I'd take the beach over the mountains! I enjoy walking early every morning. I live on a 30 acre wooded wonderland with a lake and several wetland areas. I have 4 dogs, a Golden Retriever (Fish 3), German Shepard (Satchamo - 4), German Shorthair (Hoss - 12), and a Blonde English Lab (Datsyuk or "Suki")- who weighs about 180# or more and 3 cats -2 sisters - Francine and Louise and they both had babies this year and I kept one and her name is Birdee - they are all outdoor animals that have luxury accommodations with heat, continuous food and water. I also have a house in Naples, FL where I go once a month for a week! I enjoy bottle collecting, shopping, food adventures, traveling, outdoors, music, date nights, meeting new people, snuggling up with a good book or movie or show, I am very interested in the Monarchy, I watch a lot of shows related to that on Netflix, etc., I love the ocean, animals, adventures, clocks, going to the city (Chicago). I have traveled to: California, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri,Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Virginia, N. Carolina, Mexico, Dominican Republic, St. Maarten, Bahamas, London, Prague, Vienna, Dubvronik, Budapest, Naples, Rome, Sorrento, Paris, Reims, Killarney and Edinburgh. We own 30 commercial and residential properties. One of them is a 21 acre horse farm! We are in the process of selling them off! I love to write and send and receive letters/postcards -- any type of snail mail! I am interested in swaps as well. I look forward to sending and receiving lots of FUN MAIL! Instagram: mangymoose33 twitter: @kelly0124 or @NIAgCenter Facebook: Kelly Fetzner Ludwig Direct Swaps: Kelly Ludwig 5s500 Davis Rd. Big Rock, IL 60511 United States of America Happy Posting!

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October 27rd, 2019

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