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Female , 24 years old
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#design#art#colorful#Alfons Mucha#freedom#French style painting#death cups#Cats#Garfield#rainbow#per

All about Cavu

My name is Cavu, lives in Taichung, Taiwan. I loves to learn different languages and new thing from different culture. And mostly I like all kind of thing bout arts, especially metalworkig & jewelry! Sometimes love some old things.But still like things been variation. Now, I'm trying to find out special multi medias into arts! I would sent the way you ask. Or else the place I recently travel. It also might be some beautiful sight, fun art, memories one, the specialist! Languages I could read English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese (just a little), and I just started learning French for 6 months. Hope that I'll know more! And I love the heart shaped stamps, I collect it.(You can ask something in return) I like anything that is related to peach. I accept all kinds of cards(letters).If U could sent the tag of cards below I'll be more pleasure. #design#art#Alfons Mucha#freedom #French style painting#watercolor#death cups#Cats#Garfield#rainbow#flowers(especially lavenders or tulips)#Kobito(こびと/屁桃/醜比頭)#LGBT (about girls, or something symbolic with it)# >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>¡¡No AD cards please!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>> NO religious themes (but churches were ok) <<<<<<<<<<<<

Taiwan Province Of China

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October 5nd, 2014

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