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Hello My name is ChenYan. I live in Beijing. I love art ,design, art history. postcard hub- is an incredible opportunity to get a "Hi!" from all over the world :) and to make friends with new people! I will be glad to get something from this list: Snow/skiing Traditional costume in your country people, especially individuals with strong character band wild animals food Moomin dance Audrey Hepburn lighthouse sea, ocean, beach Minimalism design fashion old car,bus,airplane vintage 3D card map the name of the states ship/sailor/captain Write a lot, please! lt would be nice to read something about yourself,your life,family,hobbies..ect or your favorite books…  (  you can tell me about an important event in your life, or something curious and amazing, or inspirational quotes, or philosophical reflection about the meaning of life.  I'll be very happy if u write a letter to me:) It gives a lot of pleasure when I read what people write about themselves and when I hold postcard in hands. Postcard is not just paper, it ocntains a little piece of human soul ! it would be great if you send something with your postcard: banknotes of your country, the ticket (bus, museum, cinema,...), tea, calendar, magnet, a newspaper clipping or any other stuff... It would be a very interesting, unusual surprise! :) Thank you!!!and have a nice day~ Best wishes


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