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Nei Hou! (="How are you!" in Cantonese) My name is Craig, born and living in Hong Kong with my family and cats. I am new to postcard exchange. I love nature rather than the 'concrete forest' here around me. I have been collecting stamps for 20 years. Postcard themes I like: ● Nintendo characters that is not a Pokemon - e.g. Pikmin, Kirby, Mario, Boxboy, Yoshi, Splatoon, etc. ● Works of Fujiko F Fujio, Classic Pooh & Friends, We Bare Bears, Wallace and Gromit, anything Pixar, Wreck-it-Ralph, Moomin ● Cute fluffy animals - cats, rabbits, hamsters, squirrels... 2 or 4 legs/feet only! ● Blue cat ● Ferris Wheels ● Greeting From... Series ● National flower / plant ● Four-leaf Clover ● Castles ● Natural scenery - mountain, lakes, forest, etc ● Current festivals - Lunar New Year in January/February, Easter in March, Halloween in October, Christmas/New Year/Birthday in December, etc ● Street food If you could send a card of the above theme with special stamps that would be great, but I also love surprises =) Just keep it ad-free, safe for work, life and postal workers. Any format would do - ordinary, maxi card or card in an envelope. I prefer handwritten messages to printed text, and stamps to postage chops or labels. They give the card a touch of personality from the sender. I strive to use one or more special stamps on every card I post, and I hope to receive some beautiful stamps in return 😀 Currently I am building up my supplies - postcards, special stamps and decorative materials. Once I am satisfied with the quantity and variety I would be happy to do direct swaps. Lastly, please don't add anything after destination "HONG KONG" to avoid it being missorted elsewhere, so I could receive and register your card timely. Thanks for reading 😁

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