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All about DeeDee

Hello. My name is Denise but I go by the nickname DeeDee. I am 55 years old. I am currently married for 30 years to a wonderful man. I live in Manassas, Virginia which is where some famous Civil War battles have taken place. Many tourists come to visit the battlefields located here inVirginia. I have been learning German (Deutsch) for over 8 years. I do wish I was fluent but I'm not, but I love communicating in German so if someone would like to wtite to me in Deutsch - Das würde mich sehr glücklich machen! My hobbies are cross stitching and crocheting. I love cross stitch samplers and folk art such as hungarian, german, polish, russian, ukrainian - and if there are more - all the better! Please put the ???? date, your name, City, state and country on the card. Ukraine, sunflowers ???? ???? birds ???????????? horses, carousel horses, unicorns, pegasus stained glass including handcrafts folk art - stitchwork, woodwork, art painted or carved on furniture ????Beer, craft beers, biergarten, Octoberfest, German festivals cuckoo clocks Afternoon tea - teapots, tea cups, tea trays ????☕ Coffee, latte art, cappuccinos ????Inge Löök ccards with the old ladies ???????????? hamburgers, local/countries food pics, cakes/cupcakes/pies/desserts ???? Birthday cards - August ???? Minna Lehväslaiho postcards any season., any her art ???? traditional costumes from your country ???? view card from your country- something special from your country - landscape, food, traditions, stitchwork, samplers, folk, festivals ???????? poppies, lavender, teacup roses, edelweiss, ????pineapples Scottish games ????‍♀️ mermaids Covered wooden bridge, castles, mystical landscapes Hungarian lineage Orange colored cards Non spooky cute only ???? Halloween cards September thru November please Christmas cards from your country, especially holiday tradition would be extra nice, send anyyime???? I'll enjoy any card you can send me except for the list below. ???? NO ADULT CONTENT CARDS!, No ad or free cards, No sports please, No video game or anime. No envelopes, doesn't it defeat the purpose and fun of a postcard? My husband and I love to travel. Our favorite places are Hawaii, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria and Switzerland. I would enjoy something that is particular to where you live, whether it's a food, landscape, quote, etc. What do the locals like to do in your area? If I was visiting you, where would you like to take me to visit? Do you live rural or in a city and do you enjoy living there or would you like to live somewhere else? Please include a local saying in your language and its interpretation in English if you would. What is your favorite holiday/festival and why?

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