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Hi, (Thanks very much in Advance for reading my Profile) I am Dheeraj Reddy Musku, Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA. I live in a very much of a developed city, but with some green cover. I am 14 years old, I am a person with an interest in Postcrossing, Stamp collecting (Philately) and Flag Collecting (Vexillology). If you can, please do send me stamps of your country or a table flag (Please try to send small flag, Thank you) or any souvenir (like badges, pin, etc..) of your country in an envelope, I would be happy to send a Thank You Postcard (so do add your address). I am a Science guy too, I like biology and Chemistry as I want to become a doctor in the Indian Armed Forces. I am very much interested in Royalty, especially anything related to the British monarchy, I can easily talk about every British Monarch from Henry VIII to Elizebeth II I am very much interested in Victorian Things, like Coats of Arms, Quill pens, Wax Seals, and other related stuff too (You can send me quills, like a duck, turkey, etc.. Please dry or freeze them before sending). You can send cards to me which you think will make a person like me happy, I like to understand and know lifestyles you can add words about them too or Recipes but Eggetarian (vegetarian, not vegan, who eats eggs and egg products) Do refer to my Favorites in the Wall section. And while writing please Highlight the Postcard ID, and the date of writing too. There is no compulsion for Postcards on my interest (But They would put a bit of a bigger smile on my face ). If you are interested in a direct exchange I will be very happy to do one. I have many nice cards. Thanks again, Will be waiting for your card. Dheeraj. Instagram: dheerajs_cards


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October 9st, 2021

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