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All about Diancie

I recently moved to South Korea in order to teach ESL. I've been here a while now and finally finished the never-ending enforced quarantine. I definitely got hit with the covid depression, and am looking forward to this to add some happy moments in my life right now. When it comes to postcards, I'm pretty open about the imagery. But, if you need some ideas, I like.... -Japanese Culture -Korean Culture -Disney -anime -Comic books, manga, superheroes -Artwork reproductions, Mucha is my favorite -Lore, legends, myths -Literally anything book related, but especially book covers! -Vintage anything from any era (movie posters, magazine covers, random photos) -Teacups -I love whales! - Anything illustrative -Location Postcards, definitely a goal to see how many different places I can get a postcard from -Mexican culture -Anything fantasy (I especially love fairies, mermaids, and pegasus) -Alice in Wonderland -Pokemon -Wonders of the world -Hauntings, ghosts -Fairy tales, nursery rhymes, Grimm -New Age, tarot -Kawaii, I absolutely love anything cute! -A postcard with your location I'm not the biggest fan of... -Handmade postcards -Free postcards -Photographic postcards -Ads -Food -Insects Also, I love seeing the stamps on the postcard, so please don't send them in an envelope! I love to learn about people, so feel free to write about anything and everything that you're thinking and his happening in the moment. If you need a little bit of guidance, I love crafting and books! Feel free to write about your latest craft, a book review, or a favorite quote! Out here alone, so I'm definitely looking forward to getting a surprise in my mailbox!

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