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My hobbies: board games, playing cards, handicrafts. etc. I'm an artistic soul so I spotlight the colors and I like pretty, artistic things. If You want to be my penpal and would like to write some letters with me, I am very open to this option :) (ADULTS only!) If you want You can also send me some little things, which in Your opinion could be interesting to me, like a magnet, a bus ticket, a coin, a piece of newspaper etc. Of course it is not necessary. I esepcially like cards from Your own country: - Cards by Inge Look - 'Blue Cats' postcards by Irina Zeniuk - Shaped postcards from Asia (like Gotochi cards) - Greetings From... cards - Typical postcards for tourists with one view or mutlview - People from Your country in national clothes - Paintings by local artists/local art style - National dishes - Greeting from.. Big Letters (USA) - Animals of.. - Cards with anything typical to Your country or connected with it - Typical for Your country animals or plants - Landscapes from Your country - Cartoons made in Your country like Krtek from Czech Republic, Nu pagadi from Russsia, Sailor Moon from Japan, Moomins from Finland etc. - Something funny :) - Cards with Harry Potter, Star Wars, Dr Who, Zombies. - Yoda (Star Wars) postcards from Germany (I already got 4 different of them: "Viel zu lernen..", "Wenn den ersten..", "Moge die macht..", Viel mehr du..") - Trolls by Rolf Lidberg - Hilda by Duane Bryers - Cards by Irina Garmashova, - Cards by Alexander Makaev, - Cards by Alexey Dolotov


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