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Because I work for the United States Postal Service here in Seattle, Washington, getting postcards from here to there is part of my job. It's a fascinating experience having a hand in mail delivery. I enjoy a great many music styles, from Avicii to Etta James. Lately I've been stuck on Kate Tempest's Let Them Eat Chaos and Synesthetica from Radation City. My husband and I go geocaching in our spare time, and have a Betta fish named Cyle. Any postcard that shows up in my mailbox brightens my day. Please send me something from your own likes and interests, and put your address on the card If you would like to receive a postcard from me in return. I also get a kick out of humorous, quirky and NSFW cards. Cheers from the beach! -Emily at Alki

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March 10th, 2019

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