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Hello folks, My name is Ali. And I am from Turkey. Currently I am in my exchange year in Belgium Flanders. And in Turkey I am studying bioengineering. My hobbies are drumming, watching adventure movies, playing Lacrosse and chess. And I am crazy about science. I like to listen metal rock and jazz music. The last TV series I 've watched is Narcos and Sons of Anarchy. The last book I read is The Responsible Scientist. The only thing I would like to say if you are sending postcard to me please do not put into an envelope and I like beautiful stamps. You can use good stamps and if you have air mail stamps I am also interested about air mail stamps also. I like culture and that's the one of the reason I am doing postcrossing actually. I want to know about the culture of the place you live. You can show it to me with a postcard which is showing a cultural place from your place or famous product from your place. Belgium - Beer and chocolate England - London Eye Germany - Berlin Wall Japan - Sushi I would like to see your cultural issues on the postcard and stamp off course. And what you can write on the post card ? It's free to do everything folks I am open to every concept and type of drawings and writings on the postcard. You can use stickers tapes coloured drawing pens etc. And if you can use more than one stamp on it you will make me so much happy . I like generally everything on postcard but there is one thing which is important for me; you can also talk about yourself about anything and tell me about the picture and stamp on the postcard. And if you can write something in your native language or official languages of your country it's also something very attractive for me. And I d like to remind again folks please don't use envelope but if you want to send something with postcard such a picture of something famous from your country you can use envelope but please send the colourful ones hahaha. Happy postcrossing folks, Greatness Ali


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