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Born and raised in Beijing and literally got little time travelling, so here I am. I work as a programmer(so you see why I got no time), and I'm the only child in my small family, no siblings, no pets. I love collecting vinyl records, love horror movies, books, and I'm recently working on my own novel. When you are sending me a postcard, just tell me about you, your hometown, the unique stories about your life and everything you want to share with me, I'm open to all of them. When your stories are too long for just one single postcard, letters are welcomed as well. (And letters will be replied for sure if you write your address on it. Let's be pen pals!❤) If you really don't know what to send me, here's something may give you some ideas: -Doctor Who (my favorite doctor is the 10th and I love DTT) -Alex Rider (books, movie, TV Series) -Musicals (Sing Street, Come From Away, Le rouge et le noir - L’Opéra Rock etc.) -DIY (I made my own rubber stamps, earrings and so on) -Shinning things (jewelries, raindrops, glass, stars/galaxies, sparkling everything) -Lights/Aurora (I like the light that the sun shines through leaves/trees or windows.) -Stephen King (huge fan of his books-my favorite is "IT") -The Hunger Games (books, movies) -Sherlock Holmes (books, TV Series) -Phantone Postcards (Got non of them so far...) -Funny Cards/Odd Cards (Cards with comics, jokes, riddles etc.) -Meaningful cards (Something meaningful for you, and tell me about the story behind it.) -Handmade (If you are good at drawing or you like washi tape, rubber stamps, sealing wax or anything related, feel free to send me the one and only handmade card in the world.) Well, don't have anything above? That's alright, just send me whatever you got! And thank you so much!


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