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Hello! I am from California. I love ANYTHING with Yorkies and cats! I also love Chinese Shar Pei, sloths, frogs, ladybugs, hummingbirds, dragonflies, hedgehogs, butterflies, flowers, anything from or related to Hawaii, flower fairies, matryoshka (Russian stacking dolls), Kokeshi dolls from Japan, pandas, sunflowers, hearts, owls, roses, stickers, Winter, rain and thunderstorms, Kawaii items and the colors hot pink, mint green, turquoise, purple and bright blue. Any postcard you choose for me I will happily put into my collection! Please tell me a little something about yourself on the card you are sending to me, as well as something about the city/town/state/country in which you live. I love my cards written and stamped, please! If you would like some ideas on what type of card to send me, here are a few suggestions: •I love state/country map cards, city map cards and "Greetings From.." cards. •Any postcard with Yorkies or Chinese Shar Pei! •Any postcard with cats or kittens, including feline artwork, Maneki Neko (Japanese lucky cat), Hello Kitty, Chococat, Grumpy Cat, cats by: Makoto Muramatsu, Jetoy, Anastasia Eremenko, B. Kliban, Leslie Anne Ivory, Kotovasiya, Irina Zeniuk (Blue Cats), Vladimir Rumyantsev, Irina Garmashova-Cawton, Anton Cortsevich, Renate Koblinger and Anna Hollerer. •Postcards showing the area you live in: city scenes, state or national parks, landmarks, castles, historic monuments, or picturesque photos of your area. *Any postcard showing or telling some history or trivia of your area or surrounding area. *Any postcard showing a tourist attraction. The more touristy, the better! *Any ocean, beach, island or waterfall scene. *Any postcard relating to Ireland or Japan. *Shaped cards, especially Gotochi cards. *Postcards with a recipe. *Any holiday postcard, no matter the time of year. *Unique stamps are a plus!

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