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Female , 39 years old
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All about KimAutumnArtist

Hi! I'm Kim. I'm 38 years old and I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, USA. I'm happily married and we have a very friendly cat who is the center of attention in our home! I work as a Dental Assistant, but I enjoy being an artist and actor in my free time. My creative hobbies include making pottery, jewelry, paintings, and paper crafts. I enjoy traveling, reading, collecting rocks & crystals, going for walks, listening to music, and enjoying relaxed evenings at home. I love learning about new cultures and would welcome postcards from anywhere! I'm not picky about what you send, I'm just grateful for your time and thoughtfulness. I value a good sense of humor and just try to enjoy life! I really enjoy sending postcards of where I live, though I may send other neat postcards that I come across and find unique.

United States

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May 12nd, 2018

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