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Hi, I'm Yeyang. I'm a Chinese currently reading a bachelor of Artificial Inteligence in Malaysia (senior). I can speak fluent Chinese and English, and I can also understand basic Japanese. I love everything that's interesting or new to me. I am also attracted to cool and geek stuffs. I'm open to any postcard that you choose, but please don't throw away the cards to me which you don't even like. If you still don't know what to give, here are some of my wishlist - greetings from - country/state/school/any interesting flags/maps - postcards with interesting stamps - winnie the pooh (and/or his friends) - spongebob (and/or his friends) - the little prince - fleebag - leon - iconic symbols of your country/hometown - lovely dogs (as many as possible, I really miss my dog) - Moomin - blue cat - interesting self-paint - natural views of Ireland (better from Ireland) I would like if you could tell me something interesting about you/where you are from/in in your postcard, or do you have any romantic story / opinions about love you'd like to share please do so. I'm really curious about how different people have different ideas about love. I would really appreciate if you can share to me your ideas on "the meaning of life". But if you are too busy to write anything, just teach me an interesting/lukcy word in your language! (Bear in mind that I've already known English and Chinese...) Anyway, it's so nice to meet you in this wonderful journey. Cheers!


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