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Hi my name is Mandee, from Essen in Germany. I love traveling and visit different countries, this is the reason why I love postcards. They drive away the wanderlust :) I love playing board games and solo boardgaming (even more than computer gaming). I also like to read books. I'm interested in different languages and cultures. I am happy to meet you :) Here some ideas, about what you could write about: - What is your favorite quote? And why? - Can you recommend something in your city? - What are your hobbies? / What do you collect? - What was the most impressiv / important moment in your life? - Are you playing boardgames? Do you could recommend one? - What books do you prefer? If you like you could write in english / german / spanish and dutch. (even if my spanish is only basic and I only understand some dutch I would like it a lot :P) Postcards I prefer: + cityviews (all kinds) / landscapes of your country + special buildings / something which represent your culture + mapcards + traditional clothes + handmade card wich showhs something of your culture/country/city + Boardgame related cards + Matrjoschkas + Communism Symbols (Lenin, Marx, Engels) + Banksy + Salvador Dalí + Icy & Sot + political art Postcards i really don't like: - Christmas, Eastern & Birthdaycards - Animalcards - only with text Stay safe!


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January 9th, 2022

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