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I`m live in Canton(Guangzhou) with my parents. I love Canton, if you can, please tell me what do you thing about Canton. I like the local feature postcards of your homeland, such as the city flowers/animals/foods/festivals or any things you want to show me. I also like some interesting postcards. Also want to collect stamps in different areas. IF you can send these postcard to me,I will feel more happy ★Map Postcard from your country or city. ★GREETINGS FROM (GF postcard) and if you can, please send it where the postcard print ★FLAGS OF THE WORLD SERIES and if you can, please send it where the postcard print ★Local landscape or other you think can represent your hometown postcard or stamps and please tell me the story about it But please not fading scenery piece ★National animals of your country/Your country-specific animal ★Maxiumum Postcards 【Phers from the following countries,you also can send me these special postcard or stamps,Thanks.】 ★【Finland】Moomin postcard or stamps ★【Japan】Detective Conan-postcard or stamps ★【Netherlands】Jip en Janneke ★【Czechoslovakia】Mole ★【Russia】Inga Palzer、INGAPALTSER、Kotovasiya And then,I like collect stamps,if you can, please use some beautiful or different stamps,thank you very much! If you can speak Chinese(Mandarin or Cantonese), write on it, please. OR you can write "Hello" and "Bye" or other words with your mother language,Thanks! Actually,I will feel happy to receive the postcard if you are sincerity.


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