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Hello, my name is Markus and my age is 38. I live with my mother in a little village Wohnbach (Hessen) 15 km in the near from Friedberg (Hessen) and Bad Nauheim. Here are a few tips for Cards i like but is not a must send. I like postcards from typical animals from your country and nice view from you hometown, city or country. I like Meetingcards too. I like modern christian songs from Siegfried Fietz. The songs from Manfred Siebald, Hella Heizmann, Jürgen Werth, Oliver Fietz, Wolfgang Tost, Claudia Wellbrock, Amadeus Eidner, Gabi Eidner, Clemens Bittlinger like it too. Gerhard Barth und Wolf Codera have nice melodys. I like animals. I read wish poem from Elli Michler. My hobbys are playing analog-boardgames with my mother and our friends. I love games with Rondell, Offer games, Workerplacementgames and gams with new mechanism. My favorite food are sweet things Donuts, Pudding, chocolate and cake. I wish the best for you Markus


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March 11th, 2018

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