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Female , 27 years old
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Hi! I am Alexa! I live in a beautiful Russian city - Saint-Petersburg. I try to learn to play drums. I love playing riichi mahjong. I prepare hookahs. And I know quite a bit about craft beer. I am a music lover, I like stoner, blues, electronic, alternative, retrowave. I would love to read a little something about you. A small funny story of yours, a childhood memory, or maybe something about your city, a book you've read or music you like. I would be happy to see even the smallest bit of the world through your eyes. About postcards, I love digital art, especially images of modern life and interior design. Also I am a big fan of asian culture, I love Japan the most. Everything oriental is much appreciated. A few more themes I enjoy : - Gothic architecture - Magic - Calligraphy Or just send me anything weird and crazy. If you have a card that you don't know what to do with - then I want it. Please no envelopes or ad cards. Thank you!


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