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Female , 26 years old
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All about Monikita

I'm Monika, I'm from a city in Poland. I'm 26 years old, I am a teacher. I love traveling, reading books, especially written by L. M. Montgomery ("Anne of Green Gables"), I like my faith (I'm Christian), I like meeting with friends, I love to live and to be happy :-) I love these kinds of postcards: - Walt Disney and his cartoons - reproductions of paintings - daisies -the flowers - I love them ♥ - winter postcards - Anne of Green Gables - Theatre and musical theatre related ( My fair Lady, Mamma Mia etc.) - Peter Rabbit - Great Britain - Lord of the Rings - Harry Potter -anything Schoenstatt Movement related and Schoenstatt Shrines from all over the world - map postcard of countries, states (USA) or parts of countries - I love them - Moomins - Smurfs - The Little Prince - France - Meryl Streep - Gone With The Wind So I will be happy if you would send me any of above :-) Have a great day and thank you for spending time with me :-) Greetings, Monika


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February 24th, 2018

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