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Hi- I already belong to the Postcrossings club and enjoy it so much, but I have a lot of postcards to send! I've just been collecting them up for so long and would love to share them with people. Plus, of course, I love to receive them and hear about new places and cross lives momentarily with the great people across the world I would never otherwise get the good fortune to meet. I work at home doing fact-checking for a publisher. I used to work at book stores and libraries, and am quite a reader- of literature, history, non-fiction, and mysteries and suspense. I have one black lab dog named Colonel and some funny cats, and play the cello a little and the piano. That's about it. P.S. Federico, I received your postcard from Italy and really like it so much, thank you! But the ID number on it doesn't work. I've tried all kinds of combinations of numbers that it could be, and nothing works. If you could contact me with the number again, I will register it! Thank you!

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July 29th, 2017

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