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i live in Rome, Italy, and i have so many hobbies that it's not enough to do a list........but i try...i collect: postcards, preferably views, maps, metro or train map, famous buildings, lighthouses, bridges, islands, etc etc stamps, of course beautiful and not ugly cigarette packs old vintage without health warning keyring or keychains or badge of official teams of football, soccer, skating, basket, premier ligue, liga, NFL, etc etc all championship of the world capsule of whysky champagne prosecco and whatever you want boxes of carton or metal of whisky and liquor brand everything about Dirk Pitt of Clive Cussler, except the books of course... models of fireman truck, models of aircraft company, models of what you want old vintage papers documents certificate shares etc and others that now i don't remember


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March 6th, 2018

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