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Hello, my name is Naomi! In my free time, I love to walk around my town with no destination in mind, grow my tea collection, watercolor, play boardgames, picnic at the beach, peruse thrift stores, and visit museums and botanical gardens. Here are my favorite things, in no particular order: •tea, coffee •yoga •cats, pugs, French bulldogs, manatees, otters •Renaissance, Baroque, Pre-Raphaelite art •trees, waterfalls, nature •fairies, mermaids, nymphs, Pegasi, unicorns •pink •winter weather •kawaii •fruit, desserts •dinosaurs •lgbt+ •your city/country/town/province •anything whimsical In January, I appreciate birthday postcards. In December, Christmas-themed postcards are welcome. In June, Pride Month or rainbow postcards would be nice to receive. However, feel free to send me any type of postcard—I will love whatever I receive. I accept creative and handmade postcards. Please tell me about yourself and your life. You can write down your favorite things, too, or send me your favorite quote. If you need ideas about what to write, see below... About Yourself 1. What are three words that describe you? 3. What is your favorite recipe? 4. Draw a self-portrait or cartoon of yourself. 5. What is your favorite fact? 6. What does a perfect day sound like to you? What time would you wake up and go to bed, what would you eat, what would you do, who would you see? 7. If you won the lottery and received a million dollars, what would you buy? 8. Tell me your favorite quote. 9. Why did you choose your occupation or course of study? 10. What’s your favorite song, book, or movie? About Your Town 1. What’s your favorite place to visit where you live? 2. Tell me about a tradition or holiday that is unique to your town or country. 3. What are some cool landmarks in your town? 4. Where is your favorite place to hike where you live? 5. What is your favorite coffee shop or restaurant in your town? What do you usually order? About Your Pets 1. Describe your pets and their personalities. 2. Draw me a picture of your pets. 3. How did you choose your pets’ names? 4. If you don’t have any pets, what animal (imaginary or real) is your dream pet? What would you name it? 5. What’s one cute thing your pets do? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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