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Good day to you. I would love to receive cards about: - Coffee and/or Breakfast meals - Busy Street and/or Night Market - Street food/Local food - Cats - Full moon - Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as Northern Lights - Studio Ghibli characters - Gotochi - Famous places in your country - Daffodils/Sunflowers - Birthday greeting cards (all year round) - Christmas cards (all year round) additional: I collect... 😊😃 - coins and banknotes from your country - refrigerator magnets with your city/country name on it Write something about yourself, about the card, anything really. 😊 For direct swaps, you know what to do (hehe), send me a message here or on Instagram (My username is oceanlune). I will try to grant your request. Thank you so much and happy postcrossing! ❤📮 Updated 10/10/17


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October 9th, 2017

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