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I love all kind of postcard if they are full fill by the story in the backside. I love to read anything - about yourself, your day, your country - everything ~ So please don't write just a few word like "greeting from ..." or "happy postcrossing i hope you like it". It is sooooooooooo boring, right? Even if i love all kind of postcard but nowaday i just decide to make a collection. xD So these are the list of postcards that i want to keep in my collection: ♦Archaeology - Architecture ♦Map (especially states of america^^) ♦University postcard ♦Fairy tale Character, Old book, Mythology ♦Birthday cards in August ♦Leo (my zodiac sign) ♦Harry Potter (esp. from Universal Studios Florida) ♦19th century art ♦Recipe ♦Did you know cards ♦How to be british ♦K-pop (only Girls' Generation or EXO, please) ♦Lali Riddle ♦Karel Capek ♦Alice in Wonderland ♦Peter Pan ♦Findus and Petterson ♦Sentimental Circus ♦Shaped card ♦Good Quality Handmade


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September 27th, 2019

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