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Hi , , I LOVE MAIL ART My wish list is *black and white photography (Michael Kenna) *vintage romantic postcards *ballerina, *Sherlock Holmes (BBC version ) *women with henna , *plantable postcard * mandala * androgynous I need street art postcard so dont hesitate to send it to me Please write me your favorites quotes -your best lesson about life -the most difficult moment you have been through - if you have had to forgive someone or yourself -things you want to do before die -something that miss you in your life, -your worst lie -your favorite sad song or love song something to motivate me during my stay in Paris . I collect banknotes and sometimes tea bag , if you can send me one of your country Share with me your favorite perfume, (print it on the card if you can ) I would be happy to receive card for my birthday in November !!! And for you who is reading this post , dont forget that any card you ll send me will be welcomed as gift because you took time to write me . Be happy


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