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Hello people in the world :) my name is JAN, I'm 40 and I live with my fiancee and a cat in the southern part of Linz (Austria), the capital of Upper Austria in Austria. My hobbies are traveling, trying food from all over the world, looking travelling and food-blogger vids on Youtube, watching URBEX-Vids, planes/airports, trains/train stations, cruise ships/harbors, fire/police/emergency vehicles as well as receiving postcards from near and far countries :) I like to see impressions from other cities/countries/cultures, this is one of my favourite hobby. I often do not have the money for travelling, so joining postcrossing is very interesting and exciting for me. I'm very happy about every postcard and I appreciate the time you took and the money you spent on card and stamps. I use only special stamps (Sondermarken) on my postcards, that's more exciting for the receiver ;) My mottos are: "A hug is worth a thousand words, a friend is worth more" "Be yourself or be nobody" "Unsere besten Entscheidungen sind jene, die völlig sinnlos erscheinen" "Was würde passieren wenn du sagst, was du willst..." "Wer nicht hinter mit steht, steht mir im Weg." Thanks to all the Senders for letting me share their life with them.


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