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Hello :) **If you are new to Postcard Hub, please notice that you have to write the address directly down. You will not find it in the address book later.** I am a 24 year old student from nothern Germany. I love spending my time with my pets (cat and dog), photographing, beeing outside in the nature, penpaling and meeting my friends. I love to travel and learn about other cultures and countries. I live two years in Finland as Au Pair. I really don't want to miss any second of this time. Sadly as a student the money is rare, so I can't travel that much. But with postcards from other countries I can read a bit about placces I would never know otherwise. And it makes me happy to receive a lovely card from far away. Don't you sometimes would love to know what she experienced on her travel? I am open to all kind of postcards but most I like postcards with: - greetings from series sent from origin ( Postallove). Also the unofficial ones. I have: Sweden, Bulgaria and Finland - Irina Garmashova Cats <3 - the moomins - the BBC Sherlock Holmes serie - mangas - cities at night - Legolas from Lord of the rings - (painted) Fantasy/mystic cards with wolves or/and native americans - Cards from Cologne (but please no carnival cards) and Osnabrück - animals ( wolves, horses, dogs, foxes and cats) - cards from the movies Panem, Twilight and Divergent Also very welcome are cards from christmas markets around the christmas time (for me christmas time beginns in October ;) ) Please draw me a small cat, dog, horse or moose on the card. Doesn't matter if you are a good drawer or not :) So don't be shy :) I am looking forward to receive some postcards and sent also some to the whole world =)


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