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Hi frenz! My name is Syahid, I live in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. I love travelling, reading books, collecting postcards, stamps, coin, currency notes, button badges & hotwheel/matchbox. Love to collect nice postcards and stamps as well so, if possible, could you put some interesting stamps for me, please? ;) I would be happy to receive any postcard you can send! But mostly I prefer: - views of your places (single view or multiview); - your culture, sports, village, landmark; - coins, currency notes, stamp; - maps / flag card - some things which are specific for your region - Infographics about your country - Keep Calm and ... (preferably something specific to your country) - Special Events: 100 years celebration, Olympics, National day, World Post Day etc - Humour, parody, satire - Mosque or Islamic culture on your country - Postbox or mailman - typical things about your countries such as landscapes, special occasions, street arts, typical food, traditional costumes - Maxi card / 3D card / glitter card / shaped card / wooden card / Metal card - anything else. I will accept.. :) I'm looking forward to receive cards from all over the world Please send me a little about yourself and please at least one line in your own language with an English translation. Happy friendship. PLEASE, write the date :) Best regards, Syahid. I received 1 postcard from Germany (ID-DE-19777) but I cant register. Many times I try but cant go. The page not responding. How can I do?


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