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Hi everyone!!! My name is Vania, I'm 36 years old and I'm married and I have two black cats. Nowadays I'm studying english and doing Production Enginnering. I like books (Stephen King, George R. R. Martin, Anne Rice, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Tolkien), movies (comedy, suspense and action), cats, dogs and babies! I like TV series : Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Law & Order, Walking Dead, Simpson...I like also medical and criminal TV shows, my favorites channels are ID (Investigation Discovery) and H&H (Discovery Home and Health). I also collect old coins, so, if you can send me a coin (without value) of your country I'll be happy! I would like any type of postcards that you wanna send to me, but if you are on doubt, you can choose beetwen this options: * Cats * Birthdays cards (my birthdays is on May/19) * your hometown or something near where you lives (with something written about your favorite place there) * beaches or the sea, mountains, volcanos... *landscapes, sunsets, stars or nocturne views * the seasons (snow places are nice, because my country don't have snow on the winter) * cute animals or babies * music or dancers ( I would love if you send some specific style of dance of your country) * antique buildings or constructions *vintage or pin up designs * fairy tales (princess, mermaids, dragons or something like it) * old movies (actors or posters about the movies) I prefer the stamps on the postcard, and please include the date, but if you prefer send on envelopes (you can draw on the envelope) it's ok for me! I would like know something about you, like your favorites movies or books, favorite expressions, quotes, or just one word or the name of your country or city on your original language (and translated if possible).


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