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An-Nyeong-Ha-Se-Yo! (=Hello! ) I'm yoonjeong, live in cheonan, South KOREA. I enjoy playing the viola and listening music, especially classical music. Also, I love books, art, animals, nature, foods. I would be happy to receive any postcard that you send. If you are looking for card ideas, these arn my favorites: - your country, city, anything to do with your language, culture, traditions etc - cats (or any animals) - nature - scientific theme (biology, medical, chemical, physics.. etc.) - Harry potter - Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks - Greeting from.. - Meetup card - no ad cards Of course I'll be happy to receive ANY card you think is right for me. I want to share your life. Please write about you. Your job, city, culture, write something which flows spontaneously from your heart. Anything is OK! Please don't put the postcard in an envelope; I like to see the canceled stamps. Thank you.

Korea South

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June 8th, 2017

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