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I'm Makiko. I love postcards,aerogrammes,stamps(postage,rubber,clear,eraser),used stamps,letters,arts,tea,Mola,movies,books and others. I like to collecting (used)stamps, postcards, banknotes,coins, notes, rubber stamps, tea bag, stickers, etc, I want to collect the something special things from your country. it will make me really happy. If it is possible, use a lot of various stamps on the card make me happy. I like to collect used stamps from different countries and love looking at them. Please make it something that you would like to reserve yourself.Ah,please do'nt send postcards of Disney characters,miffy,snoopy,moomin,Halloween,movie Postcards,cats and dogs(excluding funny cats and dogs).But these stamps are welcome. please do not send cut out a package(empy box,grocery box). I want to learn about other cultures.I would like to hear about your country and your daily life.If you write something message for me,I'm happy.Please tell me something about yourself, your city, and the postcards you sent. If you don't know what to write,tell me about your interest, dream,your favorite singer and song, your favorite book,your favorite words,what did you eat today,what music you're currently listening to, traditional events,national holidays, something you know about Japan,Is there something about your city or country that only a person who lives there would know about? books,foods, draws,paintings,sketch something(even if you are terrible at drawing),news(fact) of your country,washi tapes,stickers,airmail label.Commemorative stamps,commemorative seal of sightseeing spots,Special(pictorial) postmark,Landscape mark, Your favorite stamps(rubber,eraser,commemorative), write my name and country(Makiko,Japan) in your language characters, embarrassing experiences,unforgettable memories, what makes you happy?,famous local food and place, funny word of your native language which you want me to remember, what's on your Bucket list?(lifetime to do list)etc. I love you write to me, so the less free space on the card, the happier I am. Please write your favorite things,draw something on the postcard.Please write the same content written in your language in English. Please, put the date and (air)temperature on the card. Don't hesitate on the back side of the card. commemorative stamp of a sightseeing spot, Landscape mark, Your favorite stamps(rubber,eraser,commemorative), you can draw,add some stickers or whatever little treasures you'd like to add,if you have difficulty writing in English. I would appreciate it if you could write in block(print) letters, because it is sometimes very difficult to read letters in cursive,please don't write cursive. wish list:Lali Riddle, greetings from,art,paintings,artwork,optical,kinetic art,your favorite things,ad cards, view, maxi, shaped, cultures,traditions foods,recipe, artists from your country,funny, unique,something makes me laugh,Gotochi,nude,traditional cuisine,costumes,about your country,UNESCO


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