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Hello , my name is Tia and I live in the United Kingdom. The crow in my picture was my pet. His name was Plague . He flew away to explore the world I love music . My favourite artist at the moment is Lil Peep. I love to watch anime and read manga . I also like to write to my pen pals . My favourite animals are crows , bats , wolves , seagulls and crocodiles. I know it is a bit random. I also collect coins , washi tape and stickers and sometimes play games with my brother I’m not very good at it though lol I have one dog called Nova I don't mind what postcard you send as I will love it no matter what. I also plan to travel one day but will have to get over my fear of planes first. (Side note...the reason I didn't say spending time with friends is because I have anxiety and find it hard to speak to people ) so this way I can write to people without having the talk to them face to face. :) Have a great day!!!!

United Kingdom

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April 8nd, 2022

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