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art and design, vivid coloured, scenic views, native animals, native Americans, Judy Garland, Chris

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Hello! I am a female in Western Japan who is the age 40 plus. I appreciate any card you choose to send me with a goodwill. I trust your taste in postcards :-) Please share with me what are the 3 things/ people when you hear Japan. If you are sending a card in an envelope, I would be very happy if you could send me a freebie like an art ad card, a leaflet from a museum or a tourist info center, etc. If it is not possible to send a card in an envelope, that is OK. Here is a bit about me: - what I like the most in where I live: pretty laid-back - my favourite places to visit in Japan: Okinawa - favourite colors: reddish purple, green, emerald green, dark pink - music: old jazz, some indie rock, folk, blues, classical - likes: dogs, cats, curry, tea, taking a walk, art and design, concert, rural life, city life, simple life, nice people Thank you very much in advance :-)


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