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Hi! I'm Elfika. I live with my husband, Anda. We live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. I'm a talkative person who like traveling & meeting new friends. I particularly loved : ԅ architecture of your country (city or villages views, windmills, castle); ԅ people or children with traditional clothes; ԅ map or special culture of your country; ԅ children's book illustrations, cute or cartoon character; ԅ pattern, abstract, modern or traditional paint; ԅ something unique. surprise me! :) Please avoid picture of flower, ads cards, and religion cards as far as possible. I'd love to hear about your anything : hidden/secret place that you love the most in your country, the weather or season that you anticipated a lot, quote that inspires you lately, your current music playlist or even just how you spent your day. In addition, please write one sentence in your language, I will excitedly translate it later. Please write the date on the card and feel free to ask for a reply postcard. Happy Postcrossing! p.s. I interest in direct swap, too! Just send me a message :)


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