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Hi! It's so lovely meeting you! I'm from California and I'm just looking to meet new people and make a lot of friends! I absolutely love reading books. I've always preferred holding a book and being able to turn the pages. It's weird but there's something about it that makes me feel so at peace. I like a lot of genres but I'm mostly attracted to Contemporary (realistic fiction), New Adult (YA but more adulty??), Horror (the shining will always be a classic and will alwasy be my favorite), Fantasy (Harry Potter books I'm looking at you), and I can't thnk of other genres but I really do read anything. Science fiction books will always hold a special place in my heart. I also love cooking and baking and drinking tea. I am a HUGE tea drinker. This sounds so cliche but chai tea lattes are my go-to cold weather drink. I also have this thing where I collect mugs from places I travel or go to or on special occasions; if there's a mug with a film. tv show, or book theme to it that I like I will get it. Weird hobby but I have some truly beautiful mugs that have given me warmth, inside and out. I am a huge art person, both visual and performing. I'm not creative or talented enough to create my own artwork but I invest a lot of time in the details and meaning of it. I try my best to see beauty in everything. I also like to self indulge on a professional paint by numbers to keep me off the edge. As for performing arts, I am involved in theatre and musical instruments. I have been playing piano since I was a toddler and started clarinet in early middle school (squidward is my role model obviously). I was also involved with theatre and band and jazzband in highschool, middle school, and elementary school. I'm graduated now but I still regularly play the piano. One more thing about me is I am a huge film and tv show geek. I love films with meaning behind cinemetography and directing and all that stuff. I have an affinity for knowing random movie details or facts because after I finish a film I always invest my time in doing research about it. Weird, I know, but film today is just too interesting for me to pass by. If you've already read this far then you must be quite a committed person because I could keep on ranting about a lot of things but I'll stop now. It's so weird that I type this much because I am extremely shy in person. Anyways, I hope you have a lovely day!

United States

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January 9th, 2022

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