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Hi! My name is Justyna and I live in Berlin. I come from a small Polish village. I visit my parents almost every weekend. I love animals. I have three dogs at home in Poland. I like visiting animal shelters and taking dogs for a walk. I can make them a little bit happier this way. I love helping others, it really makes me happy. When it comes to the postcard, every kind of postcard will be welcome. I'm not fussy :) I'm in Germany on working days, at weekends I'm in Poland. Postcards are always sent from Poland, because I write on them and my mom sends them. It makes her happu :) If you write me your adress on the postcard , you give me a chance to send you a Thank you Card . Please, write down the website you sent the postcard from. I have accounts on three different websites and your information will make it easier for me to register postcards.


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