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Hello, I'll be happy with any card that represents where you live. I really enjoy learning about different countries and cultures through postcards. Feel free to write about your area, some popular traditions or celebrations, your favourite dish in your cuisine, your healthcare, or the education system. I'm currently studying to become a primary school teacher. I collect many series cards, such as GF, FOTW, COTW, MOTW, icons, WOW cuisine, loupaper states, continents, Titina and Friends maps, and world trip blue cats (all sent from origin). I collect many other things from across the world too, such as fridge magnets, keyrings, stamps, coins, flag patches and local art. Please write the date on the card, plus the time and current weather if possible please. I'd love it if you could write something small in your native language too, with a translation. Feel free to put the postcard inside an envelope if you have another souvenir to send, I'd be incredibly grateful! Thank you :)

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