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I am from a small town in South Dakota,Yankton. Where I live with my husband and three dachshunds. I have five step children and a two year old granddaughter. Some of my favorite things in life are spending time with my family, I love to travel and see new things anything history related makes me happy. I love to spend time in a good book Charlaine Harris and V.C. Andrews are a couple of my favorite authors. Some of my favorite television shows are The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, Psych, American Horror Story, Downton Abbey just to name a few. I love Nightmare before Christmas, Labryinth, The Kingsmen are a few of my favorite movies. I run out to my local play house whenever possible. Nothing is as satisfying as enjoying a play! I would love just anything you would send me! Places around you, local attractions, animals, art. Really anything would be fantastic. I realize it’s sometimes hard to come up with things to say to someone you don’t know. If you have no idea favorite movie quotes, song lyrics, bible scriptures are always fun. (Please fill in the source, I am always looking for good movies, books and music!) I hope that you truly have a fantabulous day! Blessings Kacy

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