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Hello, fellow postcrosser! :-) Nice to see you here. Name's Alexander, friends call me Shoo. I am from Moscow, Russia. I work in large trade company as CIO, read lectures to students at one of Moscow universities, raise a wonderful daughter with my lovely wife - and both of us trying to do the best we can to the people we've met as a society activists. I am very interested in foreign countries - mostly in people and culture. I love reading and thinking, taking pictures with my camera, listening to music and playing it. If you can send me a postcard with a books, shelves, libraries and so on - that'd be great. Maybe you've got a chemistry related postcard? Don't be shy, please send it to me - it's highly appreciated. Don't have such cards? Any other card you can send to me is good. It's all about your personality, y'know. :-) Happy postcrossing! P.S. My instagram account (JFYI) is :-)


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