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Hello. My name is Songjialiang(宋佳良). I`m live in the central of china-Hunan Province. I like to hike in the mountains. And i`d like to living different place to have a different life. I also like collect bookmarks,stamp and old postcards. About my favourite card: I collect all types of postcards,but hereare the ones that will make me happier: Send me what you want,one of your city moment. Beach/sunset/sunrise maxcard Picture or photos from your hometwon or landscape. If you have nothing from my favourites,not problom,you can send me another card,i `m happy about every mail. please don`t send ADD cards,hand-made cards,thank you!! And please write something personal on the card.Not just text that you have written before you even got the adress,That is not the meaning of PC,Thank you!!!!!! Thank you very mach! And happy postcrossing!!!!! PS:If you sent me a card and I did not receive it , please write to me and I wil register it anyways! 我的中文地址是: 214513 江苏省泰州市 靖江市新港大道136号 常州大学靖江校区 宋佳良(收) or Jialiang Song Changzhou University NO.136 Xinggangdadao Taizhou City,Jingjiang 214513Jiangsu Province P.R.China -----Songjialiang(宋佳良)


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