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I'm a mom of 2 kiddos living in Los Angeles. I'm a school-based speech pathologist. My interests include reading, gardening, history, anthropology, true crime, neurodiversity, intersectionality, education, language, art, art history, natural history to name a few... I will be happy with anything you send me- it is very unlikely you will disappoint me. I'm going to list some postcards that I think would be fun to get just because it helps me when other people do that but don't let it limit you at all. -tourist attractions from where you live or close to where you live -odd postcards (like why does this postcard exist kind of postcards) -antique postcards -handmade/DIY postcards -promotional material postcards you'd get for free from random businesses -art prints that you like... or really don't like! Ideas for what to write- again anything is totally fine but I'm including this because it helps me when other people offer suggestions: -I'm fascinated by people's jobs and would love to hear anything about yours- the more mundane detail the better! -what do you do with all your postcards? -how many postcards are you sending today? (and/or how many did you get??) -What's the weirdest postcard you've ever gotten? -What's a book/movie/painting/etc that changed you? -Mantras, mottos, quotes that are meaningful to you -What do you like for breakfast? **I really don't like American breakfast food and need ideas for something else... eggs are gross...

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