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I'm waving to you here in China???????? 【ATTENTION】I’d strongly reconmmend that using my CHINESE ADDRESS. Translating address will take much time than your imagination because of the poor efficiency of China Post. Writing the hieroglyph is also a fun for postcrossing. :) I live in Beijing, the capital of China PR. I'm a senior three student. As for cards, you can send me something you like yourself (but please, no ad cards). I am interested in the country or city you live in. Anything local is welcome! And beautiful commemorative or spacial stamps are bonus surprise for me. What I love Table tennis(favourite player is Timo Boll) Animes&Comics(I'm actually a Otaku.) Photography (especially photofilm) I'm a big a big fan of traditional black and white Silver salt Photography I love Michael Kenna's work. I'm also collectiing old cameras I look forward to exchanging letters with people from all over the world. Best wishes.


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