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I am a software engineer,live in a city named ShenZhen in China. It's the most youngest city in China,now ranks 4th big city.There has many creative companies,such as HuaWei, ZTE,Tencent,and foxconn, I am also a stamp collecter. -*-first of all, I willing to collect beautiful unique stamps .If you can choose the non-Definitive or non-regular stamps as many as possible.I will be very happy .If you can hand over he card to post office staff directly and tell her that please make sure the date mark clearly ,I would very thankful to you. also, please try to write something in your own language. -*-sencondary, I prefer to Chinese lunar Zodiac stamps or other Chinese elements which were published by your own country very very much. -*-third, first day cover (stamp or postcard) is also very welcomed. -*-fourth, you could send me card like these: -official ‘greeting from’ card of your country -space technology,plane,rocket,satilite -enegry,such as power station,transmit lines -university,campus views -vehicles,cars, -maps, -national flags, ~~ Postcrossing stamps & postcards -intangible cultural heritage, traditional or natural -如果你看得懂中文,或者来自于 韩国、日本、马来西亚、新加坡,尝试手写我的中文地址。 -People from ROK(Korea),Japan,Malaysia and Singapore,try to write to me in Chinese characters.But if you are not from countries above,please just in English. -People from Bangkok,New York,Geneva,Vienna,you can send me a card at the UN post office. --DON'T -don't send me any ads card -don't print the address,just use hand-writing -don't stick any ‘plastic’(not paper-made) adhesive tape on the card,it might make the delivery seal unrecognized -don't use any politic words I regard any card you choosen as a tresure.Thank you


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