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SENDERS: As long as I receive YOUR handwritten note, that means a lot! Please write on your postcard somewhere that it is Postcard Hub, as I belong to several postcard groups. Thank you. Greetings from Texas! My name is Veronica and I live in San Antonio, Texas (home of the Alamo, Military City USA, San Antonio Spurs, and Morgan's Wonderland). I work as a graphic designer/photographer and I am very active on social media. I have a passion for photography, especially for black and white. I love working with technology, blogging, creating digital art and posting to my Instagram account. I am also interested in stationery, journals, and writing utensils. If I am not out taking a road trip or photographing, I am either writing postcards, collecting them or binge-watching TV. TRAVEL Italy, Italian themed-I am obsessed with Italy! Architecture, beach, map-themed, statues, people, etc. I would love to receive a postcard from the Vatican! Other places I am interested in: Mexico, Spain, Corsica, and Guam. OBJECTS Sugar Skulls, Cameras/Photography, Rainy Weather, People holding umbrellas HISTORY/ARCHITECTURE Anything about historic architecture, ancient ruins, castles, abandoned places ART/ART HISTORY Frida Kahlo, Elliot Erwitt, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Museum themed or current exhibits on display, Beatrix Potter RELIGION Churches, Statues, Altars ANIMALS Hummingbirds, Pandas, Owls, Bunnies, Bichon Frise Puppies, Otters, HORTICULTURE Carnations, Flower Bouquets RELIGIOUS Madonna and Child, Caravaggio, the Last Supper VINTAGE Coca-Cola, Archie Comics, Typewriters GREETINGS FROM... (your state, country, etc.) My birthday is in September and I would love to receive greeting cards too! Surprise me with your choice. Handwritten notes are great presents! In advance, I thank each and every one of you who take the time to send/write a postcard to me! Your Penfriend, Veronica

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March 27st, 2017

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